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MDA19X8.0J 5H-114.3 + 50 Aluminum Wheel

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MDA19X8.0J 5H-114.3 + 50 BLACK MIRROR FACE Aluminum wheel "MDA" developed with a special design. The disc surface is machined and then finished with clear paint. By gradually changing the thickness of the cutting surface from the wheel center to the rim, a design that looks larger in diameter is adopted. The color is a black mirror face with two tones of cut surface and black paint. The design is decided considering not only design matching with MUGEN aero parts but also installation on normal vehicles. By applying spinning processing to the rim, it secures high rigidity while being thin, and greatly contributes to weight reduction. The size is set to a large diameter of 19 inches.

* Dedicated wheel nuts are sold separately.
* Wheel nuts, which are standard equipment, cannot be used.

OEM wheel nuts are not applicable. Rims sold individually